TM Davy
Fire Island Pines, NY, USA

Posted to Instagram on May 24, 2020: "Tomorrow, Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ "Untitled" (Fortune Cookie Corner) will become manifest all around the world. I will be leaving Bushwick to install one “place” among many in the total “site” of this work. But here I am, just across from my home, picking up what for now is simply the work of the many employees of Wonton Food. Cindy, a very kind salesperson there, took the picture.  They don’t usually allow in person pickup, but they made an exception for a neighbor.
Wonton Food is the largest fortune cookie manufacturer in the world, and I have loved living and working across from that hub of constant energy over the past decade.  After rigorously self isolating for so long, this walk across the street felt like a quest. But the people there were uniformed, masked, netted, and friendly. It made me think of how many workers have been working all through this crises to keep us fed, even on cookies and notes of hope. This work will be essential to the beauty of “the work”, and I look forward to sharing it.  #fgtšŸ„ exhibition @andrearosengal @wontonfood"