Debi Zelko
Mink Hollow
Woodstock, New York, USA

Emailed to Andrea Rosen on May 25, 2020:

"My place has opened.

Mink Hollow is a historical road in Woodstock, once a trade route through the Catskill Mountains.
The road was created long ago to cut through the wilderness and link trading communities.  My piles continue this tradition by linking the resident communities:  settled humans and their wild animal neighbors (bear, deer, coyote, fox, chipmunk, squirrel, birds and bugs too numerous to name).  On one side of the road is a pile arranged for humans to encounter, individually wrapped in consideration to the Covid moment.  Opposite is a pile for local wildlife to encounter; critters get their cookies unwrapped to save them from the perils of plastic.  The piles are linked by a 5 cookie trail on either side of the road.
This arrangement was arrived at by numerous collaborative conversations with friends both local and distant."