Anne Wehr
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Posted to Instagram on June 22: "We’ve moved the fortune cookies outdoors. Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, Woodhull Street between Hicks and Henry. This week M-Th 9-6pm, weather permitting. The girls and I talked about what the best way would be to share our small part of this many-layered, all-over-the-planet project would be, and this is what we came up with. Hand sanitizer supplied; signage, prep, and art handling by second graders. Please come take part. And if you’re here, tell me! We’ll be here, too, and we want to see you. Felix Gonzalez-Torres died in 1996 but this work still gives us lots to mull over and enjoy. #fgtšŸ„ exhibition @felixgonzaleztorresfoundation"