Berlin, Germany

Email from Florian Lüdde on June 17, 2020: "One of our artists became aware of the project, ordered the cookies and came with them to the gallery and placed them in corner of our bookshop. So I guess it was a self invite. The next day Untitled (for Felix) by Petrit Halilaj came to life. It happened during the opening of Petrit's showroom presentation that focusses on the theme of the bird in his work. Petrit took a pillow which was already part of the show and which had lost some feathers that were scattered around the floor. He took the pillow and emptied the content in one of the corners. The pillow was the pillow of his partner, Alvaro Urbano. Alvaro was the one who had brought the fortune cookies to the gallery the day before. A few nights earlier Petrit had dreamed of a room full of feathers. And of course Untitled (Fortune Cookie Corner) had triggered a lot of talk about Felix's artistic practice in general and his images of the empty bed and the bird in the sky in particular."

Photo credits: Alvaro Urbano and Andrea Rossetti