TAR Collection
Mexico City, Mexico

Sent via email to Andrea Rosen on May 25, 2020: "When we first received the invitation my wife and I discussed the reasons to participate and whether to accept or not, we recognized it was a brilliant initiative from an artist that we had long admired and an opportunity to live momentarily with a work of his. This was reason enough to accept but we wanted to give it more thought to find other meanings that would bring to us as a family and also to others known and unknown. We thought that the circumstances happening in the world at the moment made this effort relevant and even necessary, and if we could contribute to spread joy and hope by being part of this act it would be true to Felix’s generous spirit. Being part of this project would also be an opportunity to expand some people's conception of art and engage in conversations to expand their existing boundaries. Finally, we decided that it was a great experience for our family, it would be fun but also help us grow intellectually and personally, and one thing we decided was that when the day to deinstall arrived we would go out to the streets and share the remaining cookies with people in need in Mexico, this will help the work to transform from a sculpture to an act of giving involving us and not only what had been the work.
We decided to do the manifestation of the work with 1,000 cookies. We also decided we had to find a place in the house where it would be at the heart of everything and contribute to engage more with our family dynamics. We therefore selected the foyer of the house which connects everything. Also, in this location Felix’s work will be transforming as it is a space with a lot of natural light, it will reflect the sunny days and be more silent on those gloomy and rainy moments. In that space the sculpture will be co-existing with the work of these other artists: Francis Alÿs, Elizabeth Peyton, Michäel Borremans, Glenn Ligon, Minerva Cuevas, Wolfgang Tillmans, Doug Aitken, Markus Amm and Jorge Yazpik."