Joseph R. Wolin
New York, NY, USA

Posted to Instagram on June 28, 2020: "These days, I am the only soul in my apartment for weeks at a time, so I always knew my experience of “Fortune Cookie Corner” would be a largely solitary one. But the project has enabled the longest sustained conversation I have ever had with one of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s works. I am reminded of my friend, the late, great Blake Byrne, who often mentioned speaking with the art in his collection. When the works stopped talking back, he knew it was time to find them new homes. I also knew from the beginning that I wanted to broaden that conversation to include other works of art that I see and sometimes think about on a daily basis, to “curate” tiny exhibitions in a corner of my living room. Today is the sixth “exhibition” in my corner, part of the larger “exhibition” of “Fortune Cookie Corner” in various places around the world. Fortune cookies are a quintessentially American food, so I thought I would install two other food-themed works. Because, really, what’s more American than fortune cookies, pizza, and spaghetti and meatballs?"